About us

Who we are
M&K Classy is a premier online shopping destination that is committed to delivering high-quality and trendy outfits at exciting prices. We started our amazing journey in 2016 and today, we are proud to be one of the preferred brands in India when it comes to trendy wear for men and women in both the Indian and Western spectra.

Our range of products
M&K Classy started out by offering a range of products amongst clothing, bags, shoes, perfumes, sun glasses and watches. The company converged its focus onto a specialized zone of clothing including T-shirts, shirts and jeans for men and women. Our products exhibit the highest quality and pass through stringent inspection tests before being shipped out. Our fabric used is of durable material that is also great to wear and very smooth to touch. We have absolutely no size restrictions on our clothes and you would generally find all sizes right from XS to 2XL. M&K Classy also offers high-quality superhero and pop-cultured based clothing. You can also get your own garments custom printed for your special someone or for an occasion!

Our material
Every M&K Classy cotton garment is made from 100% ring spun combed cotton calm and is extremely comfortable to wear. We use the highest quality of materials in each of the denims that we produce. Our material goes through a number of quality checks before being used to craft a garment.

Why shop with us?
We understand fashion the way no one else does. We don’t hire brand specialists or style managers, because we are fashionable people to begin with. Hence our sensibilities allow us to combine our knowledge of fashion with our acute business sense, to get the best of the best to you.

We are also very focused towards providing a superior shopping and delivery experience. We provide fast delivery times (2-4 to 3-5 working days) and always maintain clear channels of communication with you, our valued customer.

We have customer-friendly policies for return and exchange that makes it easy for you to select the product easily, without thinking too much about the size etc.

Our clothes are selectively chosen to sport the latest fashions and trends and we personally make sure that we do that.

Our story and journey
The story of M&K Classy is one of intense hard-work and powerful entrepreneurial struggles. The company started its journey with humble beginnings but lofty dreams and powerful ideals. The hard-work, we realized, never really goes away. It only gets harder with each single day but as an entrepreneur, you feel even more energized because of the passion that runs through your veins.

Our core team comprises of two highly motivated and fashion-savvy individuals. Monika Shewag and Kunal Keshav are MBA graduated from the top universities in India. Soon after, they decided to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Monika and Kunal had always had a passion for fashion trends and garments. They decided to combine their passion with their intellect and hence, M&K Classy was born.

Today, they both lead M&K Classy by example. Not only do they provide their valuable business skills to M&K Classy but they also motivate every single employee to work very hard and stop at nothing to provide the best to the customers. They believe that the customer experience always comes first and in that spirit, they lead M&K Classy with exceptional leadership skills and an infectious passion for excellence in quality and service.

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